Your unique user manual and roadmap for business and life
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What if there’s a user manual, a roadmap for your life?

Not a roadmap that works for anyone, but one that is very specific, has huge depth and detail and is unique to you? 

What would it be like to know the shortcut on how you make the most of your life, to know and use your unique talents and start being exactly how you’re wired?

Well, this unique user manual exists. And you can start living it RIGHT NOW. 

Marloes Halmans

Business Coach & CEO The Happy at Work Agency

“A strong validation of my path forwards”

Knowing my blueprint and roadmap gives me the confirmation: this is exactly what I need to do now to grow my businesses. Any doubts I might still have fall away: it strongly validates my path forwards. Trusting that this is how I’m wired and this is what I’m meant to do. So that I take bold actions in full alignment. Which in turn makes me the inspirational leader of my teams and for my clients.

“It is my compass now”

I got a much deeper insight into myself, which helped me to understand things I previously was unable to understand from more rational models. Patty’s perspective allowed me to let myself truly be coached, and implement the insights and material she offered me. It became a compass for me which helps me to decide what to continue to do, what to stop doing, and which new course to chart.

ted maros

Consultant,trainer & coach

The answers to your deepest questions

,,When I was a little girl I would gaze at the moon and stars, wondering what my place was in this universe. Pondering on fundamental questions like: Why am I here? And: what am I supposed to do with my life?


Growing up I was even more fascinated by these questions, not only for myself but also for others. So, I built a career in personal development. Studied psychology and started working with people to help them with their struggles in life. Over and over I heard the same questions: who am I really and what is my life’s path?

I felt like I was coming close to answers, but still not close enough. Then, one day I felt the urge to look into the symbolic language of astrology. Suddenly everything clicked into place and I found my answers.  This powerful tool allowed my to connect to my true self and my unique life’s path. At the time I was still in a payroll job, developing an acceleration program for high potentials for a leading edge technical company.

And one day, after more than 25 years of corporate experience, I took the leap of faith and started my own business. Today I help entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals to get to the core of who they truly are and what they have to offer. I always say to my clients: “I give you my eyes, so you can look at yourself from this unique perspective”. And that’s where the magic happens. They not only start to see themselves and who they’re truly meant to be, they also start trusting the feeling that comes from deep inside: yes, this is me….

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“An incredible catalyst for my growth”

Understanding my core, my essence, and also knowing my next steps helped me frame my life in a larger context. It enables me to flow, accept and integrate all that I encounter on my path. Working with Patty has profoundly intensified my growth and made it more efficient and effective.  She validated so much of what I intuitively already knew. It  gave me an enormous self esteem, peace of mind and faith. What a liberation to not having to look for who I need to be, but just be who I am! 



Vicky Daniels

Leadership coach Nomads



Directeur BU Victor

“Something in the appreciation of myself fundamentally changed”

What a revelation! Scaringly accurate, clarifying and it gave me tools to truly see myself. Something in the appreciation of myself fundamentally changed. I grew bigger and larger! I now allow myself, much more than before, to trust my guts, my intuition. I am Wim and this is what I have to offer! And taking small steps I learn to integrate it, start acting from it.

You are unique. Awesome.

And also: what a challenge! 

You have a unique user manual. And  also a unique roadmap. This roadmap provides input for your development in business and life for the the time to come.

Both the unique user manual and roadmap are tremendously powerful tools to unlock your potential and make the choices and decisions that fit you and your essence, and in exactly the right timing

We all have a psychological need to experience autonomy in our lives. To feel that we are behind the steering wheel. We also have a need to relate to others, to connect. This often makes us go out of our way to adapt. AKA: toning down, taking on a role, looking at others how to behave, etc. We are afraid to be unique because we want to fit in….

But you were meant to be unique! You were meant to combine all of what you have to offer, all of your potential to a unique, glorious mix! 

Astrid Reijnen

Director a.i. Doejemee Foundation

“Clear direction and focus”

Working with Patty really made me leap; I can now better interpret what I already felt and experienced deep inside but never really knew what it was. I stopped sabotaging myself which gives me much more peace of mind. Patty put it into words and that felt so right, so true and I know it’s already there. It gives me clear direction and focus, saving a lot of energy on my path.

How to be your true self

A user manual of YOU. Helping you to never doubt yourself again, because you know who you are, how to be at your best, how to overcome limiting patterns and what clues to follow the path to what you’re here to do. 

A few years ago I took a leap of faith and started to follow the path to my North Star. See the video below and be inspired to join me and do so too!
Because you were meant to be you, and you were meant to be happy. 


Vivian van Bremen

Business Coach

“I now take more leadership in my business”

It brought me closer to my true self. To know what is so specifically my core gives clarity and peace of mind. Because I came closer to myself and who I want to be, meant to be, I make more aligned decisions, have more self confidence and happiness. In my business I have taken even more leadership. I now step fully into the wise woman as I feel this wisdom in myself and feel how much more I can grow. 

“Greater focus, deeper awareness and a much clearer roadmap of where I am headed and why

Working with Patty has given me a whole new level of insight into the direction of my life.  She combines all her tools within the field of leadership coaching, with extensive corporate experience, and has provided me with a thorough understanding of my current and short-term future potential.  Her knowledge and skills have filled with me infinite possibility and deep connection to my role in this world, leading me to forge a greater and more meaningful pathway in both my personal life and career.  Patty is wise beyond her years and totally unique.  Working with her has brought me greater focus, deeper awareness and a much clearer roadmap of where I am headed and why.



Caroline Cousins

Mentor and Inner Transformation Coach

live your unique user manual and roadmap

so that you:

unlock the core of your potential


go through life more efficiently


take next level steps with trust 


shift challenges faster

experience more inner peace

your unique user manual and roadmap

Work with Patty:


Your unique user manual and roadmap

Tune in, tap in and turn yourself on!

Let me be your guide and start doing what you are meant to do NOW.

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Divine timing

in business and life

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Knowing when to be out there, and when to evaluate and adjust!  This free Astrological Launching Calendar is a powerful tool to help you strategically launch your projects, products and services at exactly the right time. 

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your uniqu user manual and roadmap

What clients say:

"Life changing. Because it motivated me to just start doing what I am here to do"

Saskia van der Storm, Coach 

"Practical recommendations, an incredible boost and lasting changes in my life"

Wendy Gehoel, trainer/teamcoach ASML

"Clarity on my process and practical tools from a unique perspective that boosted my business"

Ingrid Bijlmakers, Coach 

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